Final Fantasy XV Base Battle Gameplay Revealed

Taken from Square Enix’s latest Active Report series, here’s our favourite boy-band fighting in the imperial base of Niflheim.

Showing off Final Fantasy XV’s updated combat mechanics since Episode Duscae, we see Noctis and his friends show off some awesome co-ordinated moves and even a bit of elemental magic too.

Weapons are now mapped to the directional pad, and Noctis makes this apparent as he stealthily “Warp Kills” his hapless enemies at the beginning of the footage. The camera also switches to one of your allies if you want to punish your enemies in a combo, panning to Noctis who can then follow up their move with a devastating blow. In addition we see elemental magic and the way it interacts with the environment; in this case it ends with a bang. And lastly the video ends with a glimpse of the “Dragoon” of Niflheim, Aranea Highwind.

It looks exciting, fast-paced and wonderfully action-packed. Noctis is able to dodge missiles and engage is some pretty stunning arial combat that looks intense and hard to master. All in all it looks to be a magnificent mixture of hack ‘n slash combat with J-RPG strategy that doesn’t rely wholeheartedly on shameless button mashing but actually requires dexterity and tactical nous.

The hype has increased and only looks to escalate…

Final Fantasy XV will release sometime this year for PS4 and Xbox One. Here’s more of where this footage came from.