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Inside My Radio Review

If you spend silly amounts of time creating the perfect playlist for your next gaming session, Seaven Studio’s Inside My Radio is for you.

This beat-based side scroller flings players into the hypnotic electro world of – yep, you’ve guessed it – a radio. Initially playing as a green block of light, it’s up to you to use your sense of rhythm, as well as some fancy dashing and smashing moves, to bring this dormant boom box back from the dead.

Offering a bright and vibrant backdrop, at first glance, Inside My Radio seems like a run-of-the-mill (albeit beautiful) platformer. That is, until the heart of the game comes in to play: music!

Apart from travelling to the left and right, you can only successfully complete moves in time with the level’s beat, so button-mashing is a big no-no. The game’s musical offering includes electronic, funk and reggae anthems, so there is a genre for everyone.

If rhythm doesn’t come to you naturally, do not fear. Inside My Radio is an excellent tool to help you identify tempos and become one with the beat of a song. The game includes a comprehensive tutorial that clearly explains the fundamentals of the game, as well as providing you with plenty of time to practice and get to grips with each move.

Inside my Radio 2-min

Once you’re thrown into the main story, your character pulses in time with the rhythm, and there’s a handy metronome if you need a bit more help, so the restraints to your movement never become frustrating.

Inside My Radio‘s narrative is pretty two dimensional (the main storyline can be completed in a couple of hours). It never really provides any explanation as to why the radio was dormant in the first place, or even who your character is. Primarily, the story serves as an excuse to introduce players to each of the three new characters, musical genres and level designs.

However, this adds diversity to gameplay and challenges you with different enemies and mechanics that transform the way in which you interact with your surroundings. What’s more, it allows for a change to the soundtrack, which is awesome if funk isn’t quite your thing.

Overall, the game doesn’t offer much replay value, but does provide a time trial mode. Missing a beat can sacrifice valuable time and completely throw off your movements, so this mode is an excellent challenge once you’re feeling confident and have found your groove.

Inside My Radio is a short, but really fun, platformer where the wonderful worlds of gaming and music collide. It’s a fantastic way for those who aren’t musically gifted to find their sense of rhythm and learn how to count a beat. Its limited replayability stops it from being an essential title, but even so, if you’re looking to zone out and kick back for an evening, Inside My Radio is an excellent choice.

Inside My Radio is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. We reviewed the PS4 version of the game.