New League of Legends Champion Teaser Is Mind-Bending

I’ve never done drugs of any kind I promise. But having just witnessed the new teaser for a new League of Legends champion, I’m wondering if I’ve just discovered a clean alternative.

To some saintly music in the background, we see a woman with burning roses attached to her back. Out of nowhere this guy seemingly gets shot in the face before eventually “becoming one” with a growing tree, whilst she smokes – presumably hallucinogens – in another shot. The camera suddenly pans to a shot of the eye that’s watching this half-naked man and his tree, before zooming outwards to reveal a person wearing a spooky mask that’s seemingly inspired by the Guy Fawkes masks that are most notably from the film V For Vendetta.

This is complete and utter speculation but I have a feeling that the person wearing the mask has a vendetta, potentially to do with rejection from a lover – beauty? – and they’re going about it by shooting folks. The trailer is entitled “Mind of the Virtuoso” meaning that whoever it is, is specialised in works of art or a genius of some kind. Maybe it’s Shaco’s brother? Zyra’s mental sibling? All I know is that I’m desperate to see more of this elusive protagonist.


Well done Riot, you’ve got me hooked on some weird psychedelic teaser.

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