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Marvel Heroes Receives Big 2016 Update

Fans of Gazillion’s free-to-play action-RPG Marvel Heroes will be spoilt rotten today, as the game receives its biggest update for nearly two years as part of its 2016 initiative.

Boasting new content and gameplay enhancements aplenty, Marvel Heroes’ newest update includes:

  • The new “Secret Invasion” story chapter to play through
  • A new playable character, Black Cat, bringing the roster up to a bewildering 55 playable heroes
  • Visual updates for a trio of characters to bring them in line with newer, better-looking additions
  • Controller support to make your heroic escapades more comfortable and console-like than ever before
  • More than 50 Steam Achievements for those who obsess over them to slave after
  • Leaderboards to boost the egos of the most dedicated, and skilled, players
  • Full Mac support – that’s right, it’s no longer a Beta
  • And more!

With the release of the Deadpool movie imminent, Gazillion have also seized the opportunity to make his in-game representation better than ever. He’s got new animations, new effects, new powers; he’s even got a new Zen Deadpool costume. Just what everyone’s favourite Merc with a Mouth deserves!

Captain America Marvel 2016-min

For those really dedicated to the cause, Gazillion recently announced the Advance Pack 3, giving wannabe do-gooders access to seven new playable heroes in the coming year, such as Elektra and Nick Fury, alongside a raft of other in-game content for $59.99. Those with fancy pants however may be more interested in the Deluxe Edition. Throwing in four new Team-Up heroes to be added later in the year as well as early access to the Iron Spider enhanced costume, it can be yours for the sum of $79.99.

If you’re unaware of the title, Marvel Heroes is an action-RPG not too dissimilar from Diablo. In fact, it was created with the input of David Brevik; the man highly regarded for his role in the inception and development of the seminal demon killing lootfest. Supported by micro-transactions, Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play title that fans of  Marvel, Diablo or action-RPGs in general should certainly give a try.

Watch the brand new trailer below:

Head over to MarvelHeroes.com to find out more about Marvel Heroes 2016 if your interest has been piqued.
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