Is the Next Assassin’s Creed on Hiatus Until 2017?

According to apparent online rumours, it seems Ubisoft is breaking tradition for the first time since Assassin’s Creed‘s début in 2007. Ubisoft has released a new Creed game (or variant of the previous game’s story/setting) every autumn without fail, but now the multi-million dollar company has seemingly decided to calm their tempo.

Admittedly, from my personal opinion, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate (2015) is probably in my top three in the series despite its mild story line and occasional buggy controls, but it really couldn’t hurt for them to take a leaf out of Naughty Dog’s book and take their time with their games. We’re not going to suddenly forget what the series is about in a year so don’t worry Ubi, take your time and, for the love of God, do not make another Unity.

Rumour has it that the next game will be set in Ancient Egypt – as if that isn’t awesome enough. The developers are also apparently going to be taking the franchise in a slightly different direction, moving it more towards an open world/Witcher 3 style environment. The prospect that it’s being made by the Black Flag team is also very, very exciting.The provisionally-named Assassin’s Creed: Empire has a release date of 2017, giving them plenty of time to get things scrubbed up, polished and shiny.  Hopefully a break will help them get out of their series fatigue and back into Assassin’s Creed 2 quality, though the series itself has been somewhat lacking since the conclusion and ultimate game-changer of AC 3 – you know which one I mean.

The San Francisco-based Watch Dogs 2 is assumed to be the first understudy for this year’s big autumnal release instead of AC, but we’ll see if that proves true at E3 in June. Though with the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film and two side-scrolling adventure games it’s hardly going to turn into a quiet, profitless year for Ubisoft.