Pokken Tournament Coming to Wii U on March 18th

Savagely batter each other as your favourite Pocket Monsters in Pokken Tournament.

Yes, this March we’ll be getting a Pokémon/Tekken hybrid courtesy of Bandai Namco and The Pokémon Company. It’s aiming to be a little more accessible than Tekken’s more technical gameplay by upping the action. Players can perform special moves and Mega Evolutions which’ll require you to build up a “Resonance Gauge” meter. Support Pokémon can also be called upon in battle to aid you in various ways, providing buffs to crank up your attack or defense stats.

The current roster for Pokken Tournament currently comprises of Blaziken, Sceptile, Machamp, Lucario, Pikachu, Pikachu Libre, Suicune, Weavile, Gardevoir, Charizard, Gengar and Shadow Mewtwo. New Pokémon will emerge from Pokéballs as time goes by.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Pokémon Company, so that can only mean one thing: tons of new Pokémon related goodies including a new Pokémon Red and Blue themed 3DS bundle!

Pokken Tournament will be released on March 18th for Wii U. Pre-order now at Amazon! If you’re lucky you might be able to snag a redeemable Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo card when you purchase the game nice and early.