Riot Reveal New League of Legends Champion: Jhin

Remember the legal high that was the latest champion teaser?

Well, Riot have just gone and revealed the identity of the masked protagonist. He’s described as a “murderous artist” and if that’s not scary enough “there’s not much that’ll save you from an inevitable perfect death.” At least I’ll look good whilst getting shot in the face, if that’s possible.

League of Legends - Jhin 2-min





His passive is named after his gun, Whisper. The gun’s chamber has four shots and the last of which will always crit and apply extra damage based on a portion of his target’s missing health whilst giving Jhin a burst of movement speed. And of course you’re going to have to reload after firing off four shots, because this is a super-realistic game. Weirdly, his attack speed doesn’t actually scale with attack speed. He actually gains attack damage from any attack speed and crit chance item he’s acquired, this applies to runes too.

His Q is so satisfying to watch. It’s called Dancing Grenade for a reason, as it bounces off up to four enemies noggins’ dealing a fair amount of damage. If you happen to finish off an enemy with the grenade, the next bounces will deal bonus damage.

Entitled Deadly Flourish his W is a passive and an active ability. The passive marks enemies and the active is a very long range shot – in a straight line – that damages all enemy minions and the first enemy champion it comes into contact with. If he’s already shot someone and marked them, this ability will also root them in place for a short amount of time and give him a little burst of movement speed.

His E, Captive Audience, causes Jhin to place a trap on the ground that eventually turns invisible a little while after arming. If an enemy champion walks over the trap, they’re revealed, marked and slowed. Oh and the trap also explodes once it’s had it’s fun.

Finally onto his ultimate ability, Curtain Call. Reminiscent of Miss Fortune and Xerath combined, Jhin stands still, reveals all marked targets in a huge area and fires up to four rounds at his enemies. If an enemy champion is struck, they’re slowed and they take damage based on their maximum health. The last shot in the chamber deals even more damage and is a guaranteed crit.


He’s not exactly described as a strong laner, seemingly having to fall back to his turret thanks to his average basic attack range and slow attack speed. His abilities seem more suited to setting up ganks, chasing and finishing off weakened foes.

In teamfights and skirmishes it looks like he’ll act as a fairly traditional ADC bringing some great utility with his Deadly Flourish ability and his dastardly traps. What’s more, his ultimate will be great to initiate fights or pick off stragglers.


Riot haven’t released any backstory to Jhin yet, but I’m sure we’re not far off finding out what the heck the teaser was all about.

Check out the champion reveal here for further details on League’s new resident artist.

Jhin looks set to be playable in the near future. You can download and find out more about League of Legends over on their official website.