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Top 10 Gaming Predictions of 2016

Ah, 2016. A new year, and a new string of endless possibilities for the gaming industry. Just what’s going to happen? What will be the big announcements this year? What developments are going to shape the industry for good?

We’re not psychic (or are we?) but we’ve put our thinking caps on and took some wild – and some not so wild – guesses as to what we think 2016 has in store for gaming, from big game announcements to what’s going to gain popularity. Without further ado, here’s our 2016 gaming predictions…

10. Blizzard’s Overwatch will be the Next Big Thing


League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of The Storm, SMITE… the list goes on. Soon we’ll have another list of shooter MOBAs that were developed for those who follow the latest fashion trends. We predict that Blizzard’s Overwatch will gain the most popularity. Those who’ve tried 2K’s upcoming Battleborn weren’t exactly left breathless with excitement, saying things along the lines of “it was fun and all”. Bosskey’s Lawbreakers looks like it’ll be the main competition, but we think Blizzard have already turned heads with the success of their beta and have the right cartoony formula to lift the trophy when it comes down to it.


9. We’ll get a new Resident Evil

Resident Evil 6-min

Resident Evil 6 remaster on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has already been rumoured, so we reckon this is going to come out as a stop gap before we’re graced with Resident Evil 7 late this year. RE6 will likely ship with access to an exclusive demo to the new game, just to get us all nice and excited.

It’s no secret that Resident Evil 7 – or at least the next big Resi release – is in production. In an interview back in October 2015, lead producer Masachika Kawata said he wasn’t currently able to talk about it “…but please stay tuned”. We expect some kind of announcement or teaser isn’t too far away.

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