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Astral Teaser For New League of Legends Champion

Pantheon assumes his manliest contemplative pose as he stoically perches on a cliff edge. He’s not thinking about his next workout, he’s staring outwards at the starry night sky that’s only gone bloody awol.

There’s a bunch of rumours, but I think the most accurate stems from a particularly credible Facebook comment, “It’s John Cena, you just can’t see him”.

If you’re not convinced it’s John Cena – you’d be silly not to – it’s worth checking out this fan lore page on the League of Legends Wikia. It’s pretty insightful and gives some clues as to who’s up there and why it’s Pantheon who cares and not Teemo.

The story’s pretty dense, but here’s a snippet that moves pretty quickly so bear with me. It involves Atreus and Pylus, brothers who belong to the ancient Rakkoran clan. Atreus is named after one of the four star constellations in the sky, the constellation known to the Rakkor as the Pantheon. Things happen and they end up ascending Mount Targon as they’ve heard that if you reach the peak you’re bestowed with great power. Atreus and Pylus make it to the top but Pylus gives out, he’s not as strong as his brother. As Atreus holds his dying brother in his arms, the stars shimmer and a portal opens to a city filled with grandiose, perfect architecture of which he’s never seen before. He witnesses his brother’s beatific smile and decides to enter the portal into the world beyond. Funerals are held as they’re rightly presumed dead and almost a year later the Rakkoran camp is attacked by a bunch of barbarians. However it’s put to an end by a glowing city appearing suddenly in the shimmering night sky. As the barbarians quiver in fear, a stream of light streaks through the sky towards earth before slamming into the ground with an earth-shattering impact.

“This was no star, but a warrior mantled in starlight and bearing a gleaming, golden shield and spear of legend. He had landed in a warrior’s crouch, one knee lowered to the ground, and as he looked up at the enemy defiling the lands of Mount Targon, the Rakkorans saw it was Atreus… and yet not Atreus. The Aspect of the Warrior had infused him, and he was now both mortal and immortal, the incarnation of war made flesh. He was now an avatar of battle. He had become the Pantheon.

He rose from his crouch, eyes blazing with celestial light, and the enemy knew death had come for them. The battle was over quickly; none could stand against Pantheon. The outsiders’ blood ran from Pantheon’s armor and weapon, leaving them pristine and gleaming with starlight. His enemies defeated, Pantheon marched into the roaring ice storm and disappeared”.

Also, the official League of Legends website has a new page dedicated to Mount Targon. There are portraits of those who are related to the mystery of it’s existence, however notably two are missing. It states that there could be a great power amassing and that it’ll take more than a few hardy champions to take it down. Here’s a particular quote that bears a resemblance to the Wikia lore,

“For a handful of others, however, the summit is said to be veiled in a cascade of shimmering light, through which wonders and far-distant vistas can be glimpsed, the bewildering, tantalizing visions of a mythical domain beyond. Despite attaining their goal of reaching the summit, most fail this last test, turning away in fear from this inhuman realm. Of the rare few who press on, most never return, while others may reappear minutes, years or even centuries later.

Only one thing is certain – those who return are changed beyond all recognition.”

Make sure you give it a good eye-over as it’s all exceptionally intriguing…

League of Legends is available to download and play for free on PC and Mac.

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