Fallout 4 DLC plan announced, increased season pass price

Earlier in February Bethesda announced Fallout 4 would be receiving a Survival Mode overhaul. This will change how you play the game – similar to Fallout: New Vegas’ Hardcore Mode – with changes to food, sleep, diseases, danger and more. Now, a week later Bethesda have announced the details for the upcoming content available under the season pass.

The first add-on, Automatron, will be available in March 2016 for £7.99 (or $9.99) and will feature a new storyline revolving around the mysterious Mechanist who has unleashed a horde of evil robots into the Commonwealth. You will also be able to build your own robot companion from 100’s of mods which will include the all-new lightning chain gun and customisable paint schemes and voices.

The second add-on, Wasteland Workshop, will be available the next month in April 2016 for £3.99 ($4.99). It will allow players to design and set cages to capture live creatures  – to tame or to face off against your settlers. Also included will be numerous customisation options for settlements.


The third – and largest – add-on, Far Harbor, will be available the month after in May 2016 for £19.99 ($24.99). Bethesda have described this as the largest landmass they have ever created for an add-on and will feature new faction quests, settlements, creatures and dungeons as well as high-level weapons and armour. It features a new case from the Valentine Detective Agency which involves searching for a missing young woman and a colony of synths on a mysterious island with high levels or radiation and “a more feral world.”

Bethesda have also said that they plan to release more DLC for Fallout 4 throughout 2016 and so the price of the season pass – currently at £24.99 or $29.99 – will be increased to a substantial £39.99 (or $49.99). This change will take place on March 1st 2016 and until then, the cheaper season pass is available and you will still receive all content.

Finally, Bethesda has plans to run closed betas for all coming add-ons on both consoles and PC. You can sign-up now on Bethesda’s website and includes the full version of the add-on – meaning no need to purchase when it releases.

The Survival Mode overhaul will hopefully release soon as both it and the long-awaited Creation Kit are currently in testing.

See the full notes regarding changes to Fallout 4 on Bethesda’s site.