Revolution, the British-based studio responsible for point and click adventure classics Beneath and Steel Sky and Broken Sword are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. To celebrate, they're bringing out a rather impressive collector's edition containing all their back catalogue.

The Revolution 25th Anniversary Collection, currently only coming to PC, contains all five Broken Sword releases (with Broken Sword 1 and 2 both in their original format and the remastered versions), Beneath a Steel SkyIn Cold Blood and Lure of the Temptress.

As well as the opportunity to play all of Revolution's games to date, the 25th Anniversary Collection also includes plenty of additional collectibles including a comic compendium for Broken Sword, a Beneath a Steel Sky comic, four posters and a Broken Sword-themed USB stick that contains digital files of the soundtrack for all the games.

Revolution 25th Anniversary Collection

Priced at a very reasonably £29.99, this is a must have for any Broken Sword or Revolution fan, and will be released on 11 March 2016. Whilst the collection is so far only announced on PC, Revolution have stated that they are currently "investigating ways to get this released on other formats in the future". In response to a query on the official Broken Sword Facebook page, a representative announced that whilst there "no plans set in stone for the immediate future for PSN releases", they are "always looking at updating their old games to new devices". That sounds to me like a maybe.