All Action in Stunning Locations: Check out the Latest Dark Souls 3 Screenshots

The floodgates have opened.

There’s a ton of new Dark Souls 3 footage pouring into the internet and I’m attempting to float over it with a rickety raft I built earlier. In a vain attempt at tradition, I cracked a mug of coffee and hesitantly proclaimed ‘Willpowers’ first voyage. I really hope it’s successful. Either way, I consider screenshots to be acceptable in my quest for spoiler-free goodness and this big care-package has done more than enough to tide me over for a few more weeks.

As always, I’ve thrown my own terrible puns and thoughts into each image. So without further ado, scroll and enjoy.


Dark Souls 3 M1
Praise the Sun!
Dark Souls 3 M2
Friend? Foe? All I know is our bulky friend Zweihander returns.
Dark Souls 3 M3
Wonderful lighting. Guaranteed beautiful location too.
Dark Souls 3 M4
Dark Souls 3 M5
Weapon Art “Warcry” in action, stunning the nearest enemies and throwing them backwards slightly.
Dark Souls 3 M6
The sky isn’t dark? Check out the art on the shields too… I wonder what it signifies.
Dark Souls 3 M7
A speedy thief targeting every man’s weak spot.
Dark Souls 3 M8
“That look he’s giving me, it’s pretty chilling”.
Dark Souls 3 M9
Gandalf the Grey makes an appearance.
Dark Souls 3 M10
A Barbarian kills them with fire and flexes those pyromancy skills. The magic system is receiving a huge overhaul in Dark Souls 3.
Dark Souls 3 M11
This looks terrifying, a true sense of scale has returned! Loving the robe too, keeping it stylish even in the direst of circumstances.
Dark Souls 3 M12
Back to basics with the Deprived starting class.
Dark Souls 3 M13
This lady’s garb looks very Bloodborne.
Dark Souls 3 M14
1 vs 1 me m8

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