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Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: 30 March – 4 April

“Welcome to this very dangerous brawl event! Construct a deck with all your best spells, but this brawl is too intense for small minions. You may only use minions that cost seven or more!” It’s the Tavern Brawl for 30 March – 4 April: You Must be This Tall to Brawl!

Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl is a weekly event where the development team behind the game create a fun and sometimes crazy set of rules for a match. Tavern Brawl is great for new players especially during a week when the decks are not built by the player themselves. In normal play, new players tend to be demolished by “net-decking” (where a player finds a highly rated deck online and copies it), or players having objectively better cards than the newer players, and Hearthstone’s arena mode can be just as daunting for new players. Newer players can always look for decks online based on only the starting cards for a good way to begin, and as you play, you’ll start noticing what works and what doesn’t.

Oh dear. For completely new players this is one of the worst Tavern Brawls out there. “Your best spells” indicate ones that you can only get from card packs, and “You may only use minions that cost seven or more!” pretty much implies legendaries, of which, newer players may not have access to. This Tavern Brawl is constructed, and even though the rules are relatively easy to get your head around, a new player could be easily stomped on by a player with legendaries and spells that they likely acquired through card packs. Though in my deck I had put in some of the giants as my seven or more cost minions, most of the minions I put in were legendaries. To be fair, the giants did win me the game, however, it was mainly because my opponent gave up before I got to play any of my legendaries.

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl 30th March

So obviously here I went with a mage deck and I’m sure most players will; filling this deck with spells allows mages to have brilliant synergy with Archmage Antonidas. The fact that most minions you’ll come up against in this brawl will have relatively high health, being able to recycle fireballs is too good. Spells like Polymorph and Vaporize are invaluable here as well.

The match I played was pretty short, as for some reason my opponent conceded once I took board control. We were both mages and both utilised Vaporize, my opponent cleverly used Mirror Entity to copy my Mountain Giant once I played mine. Not much happened for a lot of the match as we were waiting to play our seven+ cost minions. Eventually, I was able to play a Clockwork Giant that my opponent couldn’t deal with immediately, followed by Kel’thuzad the next turn; that was enough for my opponent who conceded after attempting to deal with my giant. Kel’thuzad allowed me to kill one of their giants with mine then bring mine back at the end of my turn. I couldn’t help but feel that perhaps this player was in the position previously mentioned; perhaps they didn’t have the legendaries and the cards I had access to. Not the best of brawls and one which will be inundated with Mage decks.

What deck did you construct for this weeks Tavern Brawl? Let us know in the comments below!

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