New 80’s themed Dark Souls 3 trailer

Have you ever imagined what the Dark Souls series would be like if it came out in the 80s? If we are being honest, you probably haven’t but that doesn’t stop the Dark Souls 3 marketing team from trying… and surprisingly succeeding.

However if you are one of the many trying to avoid any spoilers before the – non-Japanese – Dark Souls 3 launch you may want to hold off. While the trailer focuses heavily on its parody of VHS quality, over-the-top voiceovers and cheesy narration it does also show many new locations, enemies and one or two bosses.

Otherwise, treat yourself to (another!) Dark Souls 3 trailer – only this time insanely bombastic (see if you can spot the wilhelm scream).


“When you pick a fight with the devil, you better be stronger than hell”