PVATOT: Let’s Play Hitman

In this week’s Playing Videogames And Talking Over Them, our hosts with the most Creamcake and The Librarian are trying out the brand new Hitman. Want to see what they reckon to Square Enix’s reboot of Agent 47? Watch on!

The release of Hitman has caused quite a stir thanks to its episodic nature – we’ll get one main mission a month over the course of the next year, along with a bunch of side tasks to tide us over. Our PVATOT boys got hands on with the Beta version of the game prior to its release to give us their “expert” opinion.

Let’s get stealthy!


PVATOT (aka Playing Videogames And Talking Over Them) is GameSpew’s weekly video series where we, well, play videogames and talk over them.

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