Top 10 Awesomely Cheesy Songs in Videogames

6. One More Soul to the Call – Silent Hill Homecoming

Take the music of Akira Yamaoka, add the vocals of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and et voila! You have a number of great songs created for the Silent Hill series over the years. This song, played during the intro to Silent Hill Homecoming, is one of the cheesiest yet most enjoyable though. In fact, it almost makes up for just how mediocre the game was overall.


5. Poet and the Muse – Alan Wake

There’s not really much cheesiness in Alan Wake; it’s just a great horror-shooter heavily inspired by the likes of Twin Peaks. This song though, made for the game by a band called Poets of the Fall, is all the cheese it needs. Accredited in-game to a fictional band called the Old Gods of Asgard, it actually tells a story of past events that enlightens Alan Wake as to how to progress in his adventure. So, it’s both functional and entertaining. Double win!