Top 10 Awesomely Cheesy Songs in Videogames

4. Into Free – Dangan – Dragon’s Dogma

The first release of Dragon’s Dogma has this absolutely glorious cheese-infested song playing on its title screen, but I believe it was later removed when the game received its Dark Arisen re-release. God only knows why, because it certainly made booting the game up a joyous occasion! Why did you deny us Capcom?<


3. Eyes on Me – Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII surely has one of the best love stories ever told in a videogame, right? Well, accompanying the story is also possibly one of the cheesiest love songs in a videogame ever too; this song called Eyes on Me. Whilst it certainly is cheesy, it’s also truly great, and fits the developing romance between Squall and Rinoa perfectly. Awww…