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Top 10 Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 Games

4. Condemned: Criminal Origins


Condemned proudly earned a place on our Top 10 Horror Games That’ll Scare the Pants off You for one simple reason: it really does scare the pants off you.

Without a doubt, Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of the greater horror games of the last generation – and perhaps all time. Capturing an atmosphere to rival even the most haunted of haunted houses, it’s certainly not a game for the faint of heart. But if you can’t deal with scary games, then it’s a shame because you’re missing out on a corker. We’re glad to get to face fright after fright with investigator Ethan Thomas again, whilst we wait with baited breath for that announcement of Condemned 3 (hey, we can hope, right?).

3. Gears of War 3

Top 10 Gears of War 3-min

Whilst the original Gears of War will always be the best one in our hearts, the fantastic Gears of War: Ultimate Edition makes it being backwards compatible redundant in our opinion. Gears of War 3 however, is still well worth digging out to stick in the Xbox One too.

Aside from its fantastic campaign that can be played solo or in co-op, the real reason to get stuck into Gears of War 3 on Xbox One is for its impressive Horde Mode, which is the only itch that the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition can’t scratch. With a few like-minded friends, killing the Locust hordes can be oh-so-much fun that just can’t be found elsewhere.

Hopefully, this year’s Gears of War 4 will include and expand on the series favourite Horde Mode even further, but only time will tell!

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