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Top 10 Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 Games

2. Alan Wake

Alan Wake-min

It’s been almost six years since Alan Wake was first thrust into our world. Initially receiving poor sales at launch, the game eventually found its footing and became something of a cult classic. No Xbox 360 collection is complete without Alan Wake – and now you get to play it all over again on Xbox One (along with the standalone follow-up Alan Wake’s American Nightmare).

Playing as eponymous Alan Wake, bestselling thriller author, you head to the quaint town of Bright Falls in order to cure a particularly stubborn case of writer’s block. Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems in the sleepy town, and Alan soon finds that writer’s block is the least of his problems. Mixing fantastic storytelling, horror, exploration and action elements, Alan Wake really is top of the class. We’re disappointed not to see a full HD remake, but we’re more than happy that Alan gets to “wake” (eh, eh?) again on our Xbox One.

1. South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park Stick of Truth HD remaster-min

Back in January 2015, we named South Park: The Stick of Truth one of the top games of 2014. Two years after its initial release, we love it just as much as ever, and are thrilled to get to play through it all again on Xbox One.

Featuring the same rudimentary but altogether charming animation style as the cartoon, and the same hilariously offensive humour, any fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s flagship comedy series shouldn’t miss out on The Stick of Truth. An RPG set in Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny’s hometown and featuring all your favourite characters; what’s not to love? Honestly, we don’t think we’ll ever tire of playing through this. How many other games can you play where you get to climb into someone’s bowel? I rest my case.

What backwards compatible games are you most excited to get to play again on Xbox One? What games do you most want to see? Comment below to join the discussion!

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