Uncharted 4: Will the Delays End?

Sony’s PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has been hit with yet another delay. Due to originally release in March this year, it was promptly delayed to the 26th of April; it’s now been postponed for another two weeks.

In a quick blog post, Sony’s CEO Shawn Layden stated that the delay was due to issues with manufacturing. More specifically they need time to allow for the manufacturing process to take place, so we’ll be seeing Uncharted 4 – fingers crossed – on the 10th of May.

Layden also apologies and attempts to restore some faith:


“We know this news might be disappointing, and we are sorry to have to make you wait a little longer to play Naughty Dog’s latest. The good news is that the game is phenomenal — we are fully confident that it will be worth the wait and the team at Naughty Dog is eager as ever for you to experience Nathan Drake’s final adventure.”

Hey, at least they aren’t rushing it out. I’d rather wait a little longer for a “phenomenal” game than a “great” one. And on an even more positive note, two weeks isn’t too long and allows us enough time to power through the rest of the series just in time for the grand finale.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End should be released exclusively for PS4 on 10th May. Check out the latest trailer here.