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Battleborn Open Beta This Week, Pre-load today

You will finally be able to try Gearbox’s new MOBA shooter Battleborn this week – that is, if you are on PlayStation 4. Pre-load is available now and the Battleborn open beta begins on 8 April. If you are a PC or Xbox One player you will have to wait until 13 April, giving you only half the time to try things out before its end on 18 April.

This is rather unfortunate for the non-PS4 crowd but annoyingly expected as Sony seem to have struck a deal with Gearbox, also giving PlayStation owners early access to the first DLC pack for Battleborn – as well as instant access to one of its many heroes on release day. PS4 players also receive an exclusive hero during the Battleborn beta itself.

As mentioned, the pre-load is available now for all platforms with varying download sizes: PS4 is 8.5GB, Xbox One is 11GB and PC is 12GB. Players do not need Playstation Plus to to take part, however non-Xbox Live Gold members will be more limited in what is available.

The beta itself will contain two story mode episodes as well as two competitive multiplayer modes. All 25 heroes will be available to play but only seven will be unlocked instantly. The story mode episodes can be played solo or co-op, with up to five other people – a story trailer is available below featuring Jack from LOST some dude from Battleborn.

Full information on the Battleborn beta and its accesability is available on the official website.

Battleborn is set for release on 3 May. Pre-order your copy now!
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