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British Government Launching the Video Game Olympics

Launched as part of the London Games Festival on April 6th, the eGames is an international gaming tournament which aims to emulate the traditional Olympic Games and ultimately propel esports into the mainstream.

The eGames is supported by the UK Government as a not for profit initiative, looking to positively impact on the future of eSports and support its continuous growth.

Just like the Olympics, teams will be competing for national pride rather than prize money. Each country will have a national squad, or eTeam of competitive gamers who play in a team within certain games. And you guessed it, there’ll be Gold medals, Silver medals and Bronze medals for those eTeams who are a cut above the rest.

The first full eGames will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018, followed by Tokyo, Japan in 2020. However Rio will be holding a two day pop-up event during August 2016 to showcase the event in the hope of attracting some new partners. And in order to determine each countries participants for the eGames, National Qualifiers will be held domestically with the British Championships in London 2017 looking to be the first likely candidate.

It’s being taken very seriously, and there’ll be the International eGames Committee or IEGC which will set up an International Advisory Board to assist in running the show, ensuring that it’s diverse and everyone’s gaming responsibly.

Currently there aren’t many teams signed up, but the list will grow as the event gains more publicity and begins to plant its feet more firmly on the ground. So far Britain, Canada, Brazil and the USA are on board, and I’m sure it won’t be long before many other nations join the lobby.

For further information check out the official website.

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