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Hack-and-slasher Nioh getting an alpha demo this month

Originally announced in 2004 and slated for a release soon after the PlayStation 3, you would be forgiven for having forgotten about Nioh; or maybe, like me, having never have even heard of it. It is however back and releasing later this year (hopefully). The even better news is if you want to give it a shot before its release you will have a chance later this month.

Nioh‘s demo will be available from 26 April through to 5 of May for all PlayStation 4 owners. Rather oddly, all those who complete it will receive The Mark of the Conquerer DLC for the full game. It is not entirely known what this DLC will add or whether it will be available to others on release but is a nice gesture nonetheless.

The developers, Team Ninja, – the company behind Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive – also released a two minute trailer showing off the current (alpha) gameplay. The gameplay itself looks to closely resemble Dark Souls and the rather tacky “Ready to Die?” in the trailer would suggest the same.

Said to be an action-RPG with some hack and slash mechanics, Nioh takes place in 16th century feudal Japan and loosely follows the historical Samurai William Adams. “Loosely” would be the right phrase as the horned demons and spirit sharks suggest not complete historical accuracy.

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