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Top 10 Indie Games To Watch Out For From EGX Rezzed 2016

8. Shu

Rezzed - Shu-min

Alright, so we’re cheating a bit here. Shu stole the number one spot as our favourite indie game from EGX 2015, but we were so enamoured by it that we can’t help but include it again.

With a gorgeous aesthetic to challenge the likes of Rayman Legends and Ori and the Blind Forest, Coatsink‘s Shu is a side-scrolling platformer so silky smooth and enchanting that it can’t help but leave you wanting more. Its cast of quirky characters all have a signature ability, and as you progress through each level you’ll be joined by them, lending you their skills allowing you to float, run along water, and numerous other unique traits.

Shu’s expected to land on PC, PS4 and Vita soon, and we can’t wait to get more time with the charming little fellow.

7. Table Top Racing: World Tour

Rezzed - Table Top Racing-min

Coming to PS4 next month, Table Top Racing: World Tour looks like it could be 2016’s answer to Micro Machines. Literal table top racing, you control one of a number of teeny vehicles around intricately-designed and often humorous tracks (one of them is a licensed Yo! Sushi restaurant!).

We played a few different tracks and each was a joy to whizz around. The controls feel great, like any classic karting game – and in the spirit of Mario Kart et al the road is laden with weapon pick-ups to send your opponents into a spin. We’re very much looking forward to getting behind the (teeny tiny) wheel again.

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