I Am Setsuna is Keeping it Classic

Inspired by SNES classic Chrono Trigger and ticking all the classic JRPG boxes, I Am Setsuna is coming to PSN and PC on July 19th.

Touted as a “Classic RPG for modern times” we’ll protect a girl called Setsuna as we travel across a vast snowy continent. It’s far from a frolick with friends and more of a heart-wrenching tale of sorrow. Setsuna’s actually a sacrifice, chosen by the people to sate a fiend’s hunger as she holds the powers of enchantment. The game will center around her journey to the island as she’s protected by her safeguards, in order to fulfill the ceremony of sacrifice.


Turn-based combat, dialogue boxes, and a tinkly piano soundtrack that’s as much of a highlight as the trailer itself? Count me in.

I Am Setsuna will be released on PSN and PC July 19th.