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Ark Survival Evolved: The Near Future

PC Gamer has just started hosting their PC E3 Event, and the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved have announced to everyone their near future plans, as well as discuss what’s currently on-going with the game’s most recent additions.

From the support of mods that allow you to play as any animal/dinosaur on the island and explore their lifecycles, to the new Titanosaur (a dinosaur so big, you can build a fortress on top of it!), and the addition of the new map Redwoods Deep Forest (you can build fortresses and buildings up in the tree canopies), it looks like the future of Ark is as bright and dense as Minecraft.

Jesse Rapczak spoke about how they’re very much supporting mods in various ways, and even supporting new gameplay types such as the Hunger Games style arena mode they’re now developing as some light form of e-Sport. With much more planned, take a look at some of the newest gameplay additions to the game below.