It’s Official: Bioshock: The Collection Coming in September

Bioshock is certainly one of the best games of last gen - don't miss it for £2.70. Go go go!

Thanks to a leak from 2K themselves yesterday, we had a very strong inkling that a Bioshock collection was on its way. Today it has been officially announced: Bioshock: The Collection is hitting Xbox One, PS4 on 13 September.

Bioshock: The Collection will contain remastered versions of Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock: Infinite. The collection will include all single-played DLC released for the three titles, as well as a brand new video series entitled “Director’s Commentary: Imagining Bioshock”.

The three games have been completely remastered for current generation consoles, so will look and play better than ever before. It’s worth noting though that the PC version of Bioshock Infinite included in the collection is not remastered as the standard of the original PC release is still on par with current generation consoles.


The collection will be coming to North America on 13 September, Australia on 14 September and the rest of the world on 15 September. The RRP is set to be $59.99.

Check out the official announcement trailer: