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Days Gone Announced for PS4

Described as an “epic action adventure set in a brutal post-apocalyptic world” by PlayStation, Days Gone was announced at the Sony Conference at E3 2016.

Starting with a teaser trailer, we saw a gorgeous yet abandoned open world, showing the savageness of the protagonist. A clear focus on narration and action. The world of Days Gone looks like a great spin on the post-apocalyptic genre.

Here is what to expect:

Further into their conference (after a visual barrage of beautiful trailers, no less), we’re then treated to a segment of gameplay, seeing our protagonist come up against a literal horde of zombies. With so much happening on screen, it remains smooth and beautiful.

Third person shooting mechanics seem to be key in Days Gone, along with exploration . And zombies. A whole lot of zombies.

We’ve no release date as of yet, but look forward to seeing more from Days Gone.