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More Gameplay Details Revealed for Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft decided to officially unveil Watch Dogs 2 last week ahead of E3, but of course it still played a big part in their E3 conference, showing us more in-game footage, revealing more gameplay and more of the gorgeous Californian location.

Set a few years after the events of Watch Dogs, we now take the role of Marcus, a member of Deadsec trying to take down CToS 2.0.

The gameplay looks similar to what we experienced in the first, but with many more hacking opportunities – the trailer saw Marcus hijack a red sports car to send it spinning out of control off the road. We can also assume control of a flying drone in order to access more places and sneak more data.

Rather than a grey and gritty Chicago cityscape, San Francisco gives us a much more colourful, vibrant map to run around in. From inner city offices to beachfront, the world looks alive and packed with so much detail and colour. So colourful in fact that it perhaps feels at odds with the dark tone of the Watch Dogs universe, but it’s so pretty and immersive that it doesn’t really matter.

As before, there’ll be plenty of combat, with gunplay playing a big part of the experience. There’s a nice cover shooting mechanism that looks more Division than Watch Dogs which should make raids much easier to tackle.

Aside from the game, Ubisoft have partnered with Sony Pictures to create a Watch Dogs movie. The deal with Sony also extends to an exclusive 30-day advance with all DLC for PS4 players.

Here’s the brand new E3 trailer for Watch Dogs 2:

Watch Dogs 2 is set to be released on November 15 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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