What a marvel! Sony reveals Spiderman PS4

As far as iconic characters go, I don’t think they get more iconic than the amazing Spiderman, right?

Well, either way Sony just made a hugely exciting announcement for all fans of the web-slinging hero from Queens by revealing Insomniac are working on Spiderman for the PS4.

With no further details as yet, we were shown a pretty exciting trailer featuring the very recognisable outfit only with a white logo and clearly showing the “Steve Ditko” eyes also used in the recent blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War.


2016-06-14 03_06_52-PlayStation - Twitch

There was some extremely stylish wall-crawling and web-swinging, exciting action sequences and a whole lot of New York City.

The best part is that it reminded me of Ultimate Spiderman for the PS2/GameCube generation, which was a fantastic entry for one of the most gaming-friendly characters ever created.

Given the tremendous number of amazing games shown by Sony, I’m possibly most excited for this new Spiderman entry and I hope you are to. If not, see if these screens change your mind: