Gremlins Inc. Continues to Impress with its Updates and DLC

Since its initial release in March of this year, Gremlins Inc., an intense strategy board game featuring devious Gremlins, has continuously improved through a variety of updates and even two DLC packs with a third promised for mid June. In the beginning, the updates were small, such as adding the ability to have private game sessions rather than public ones, but the updates just keep on coming. Now at over 35,000 copies sold, developers for Gremlins Inc. don’t seem to be eager to slow down any time soon.

In late April of this year Gremlins Inc.’s first DLC Uninvited Guests was released and many of its loyal players purchased and enjoyed all of the new additions to the game. Uninvited Guests included 12 new character portraits to replace any of the 12 original characters, six new animated emoticons, eight new messages to say during a game, and alternative music for the game’s main menu. This first DLC features very stuck-up and rich-looking gremlins who seem even more of a greedy than the originals gremlin characters.

In early May, Gremlins Inc. changed a few things around so that multiplayer games were much more available and easy to get into for everyone, but in particular for those that were having hard time with it in Asian countries. Gremlins Inc. is playable in many territories, allowing people all over the world to play and enjoy the game. In the beginning, having people from different countries competing against each other caused some lag issues but it has been tweaked quite a few times and it seems to be working much better nowadays.


Gremlins Inc 1

In other news, the brand new DLC released only a few days ago, Automated Competitors, features many of the same things offered in the Uninvited Guests DLC. 12 brand new character portraits featuring robot competitors, six new emoticons and eight new messages as well as alternative music. What is different about this DLC is that included in the update are a ton of changes to cards and a few other new things. There’s a brand new card “The Magic Trunk” and a new misfortune called “Gremlin of the Year” as well as special abilities for all of the characters. The Gambler’s special abilities for example allows players to reroll once when gambling in the casino. They also receive 50 extra currency if they roll a six at any point during the game. These special abilities are totally optional in multiplayer but they add a brand new interesting element of the game that has Gremlins Inc. players, including me, very excited.

In addition to these two DLC packs, it was also mentioned that the third and final DLC of this series will be released on 16 June. Only a few weeks away! Not much has been said about it, but if it’s anything like the previous two DLCs it will be well worth the wait. There was also a mention in the Gremlins Inc. forum on Steam that the same day as the release of the new DLC there will be more free updates to improve certain UI features.

So as the year continues to move steadily along it doesn’t look like developers Sergei Klimov and Alexey Bokulev will be slowing down any time soon – and we don’t want them to! With every change and every update the game just seems to keep getting better and better. They’ve even given players what was demanded by all – the ability to play a 25 gear goal multiplayer game. 20 was too short and 30 was too long so they gave us exactly what we wanted by allowing us 25. It is easy to see how much these developers care about their game and the voice of their players as they continue to improve it. Hopefully all of these updates and continued praise from their players will allow them to continue to grow!