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Killing Floor: Incursion & Superhot VR at E3 PC Gamer Event

Whilst Killing Floor 2 is getting some updates, as well as a free event to try out the game, the more important announcement was creating a new title, that utilises the capabilities of VR, for immersion within a horror gameplay environment.

Killing Floor has been more of an action-shooter than a horror game, but things look set to change with the latest announcement of Killing Floor: Incursion. Using VR to immerse the player within the 3D space, players will take pat in an intense experience, where they hold off against waves of demons and zombies trying to kill them.

Also announced for VR was Superhot, a game where time only moves when you do. The game is very much based around picking up items and throwing them, as well as aiming guns to shoot low polygon enemies around you. The movement-time mechanic will translate well into VR, as if the player falls over or can’t stay perfectly still, the time in-game will advance, and should make for some interesting gameplay. Think of playing The Matrix in VR yourself, but lower poly.