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Kojima Studios Announce Death Stranding

Could it be? Maybe? Just maybe… Nope, it isn’t quite Silent Hills… but we are definitely excited for Kojima Studio’s Death Stranding.

During Sony’s E3 conference a teaser airs. A man comes into the picture. Slowly you realise it is Norman Reedus wonderfully reconstructed in the virtual world. We all thought it was Silent Hills but it wasn’t. But it was something close. A extremely confusing and very Kojima trailer had us all in fits for a new IP. Keep the name Death Stranding close.

The announcement that Kojima was here was announcement itself to some degree, with Hideo stating to a excited audience: “I’m back!”

2016-06-14 03_02_04-PlayStation - Twitch

The teaser scrolls through some unfortunate crustaceans to the naked body of Norman Reedus. Covered in handprints, coddling a baby and with one hand in handcuffs. Kojima most certainly is back. More hand-prints appear over Norman, before we look up and see five figures appear in the clouded sky above!

What’s going on?

It looks beautiful and the music accompaniment captured the creepy ambiance.

Then the words Death Stranding appear as if it is an impostor. But one you know you can warm too. How can you not be excited for a Kojima Studios game?

We obviously have no release date or much information other than the teaser trailer. But man, it looks like one to watch. Here’s some more screenshots from Death Stranding: