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Lawbreakers: Cliff Bleszinski Showcases Footage

Cliff Bleszinski sat on the PC Gamer sofa, showed us some gameplay of Lawbreakers, and discussed how movement plays a key part in differentiating the game from other competitors within the genre such as Overwatch and Battleborn.

Zero gravity, grapple hook swinging, and jet packs all feature as key movement options within the various gravity zones, and gives the player the option to adopt their own playstyle and complement that style with their own method of movement.

Cliff also briefly mentions how he wants to get back to the roots of a shooter, allow the game to be a bit more gritty and messy than other similar games, and revel in what it means to be an arena shooter. A limited-slot Alpha testing stage will be available on June 18th to enable gamers to give the team feedback, as he claims the game is very much unbalanced right now, but wants gamers to play it in this form to help them make the best game possible for fans.


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