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Sea of Thieves Gameplay Revealed

The Cringe Crew set sail on the Seven Seas.

Rare gave us our first tantalising glimpse of Sea of Thieves gameplay, as a bunch of landlubbers played co-operatively in what seems to be a huge – and rather beautiful – treasure filled universe. We saw them down tankards of drink and stumble, tipsily on board a pirate ship. They worked together, managing the ship’s various finicky components, journeying to distant golden sands and plundering islands by having some cracking PG rated laughs. Perhaps the most exciting aspect was watching The Cringe Crew split up: taking command of cannons and blasting rival ships, whilst others repaired holes gushing with salty water. The crisp, cartoony graphics looked wonderful and although the Cringe Crew, were arguably, a hard watch – they wanted to emphasise fun above all else. And I can’t wait to see more, as it looks a hell of a lot of fun.



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