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Sean Bean Narrates Civilization VI Walkthrough

Unless you actually went to E3 2016 you most likely heard very little on the next installment in Sid Meier’s famous Civilization series. If you did go and visit the Civilization VI booth you were treated to a 12-minute walkthrough of the game narrated by none other than Sean Bean. And no, he doesn’t die.

The walkthrough demonstrates the basics of Civilization such as creating and expanding cities as well as some short combat sections. You can also see notable improvements to the general UI, particularly when choosing what to do for a turn and in the diplomacy screen – a welcome improvement to a strategy series already known for its well-done UI. Also in the trailer areĀ appearances from two different factions leaders: Theodore Roosevelt of the United States and Cleopatra of Egypt.

If you haven’t already treated yourself to any gameplay of Civilization VI then perhaps the most striking thing to previous Civilization players is the change in art-style. While my opinion is split on the new “cartoony”, style along with it comes some advantages. In particular, the new fog of war which appears over undiscovered areas. Instead of being, well, fog, it now appears like a map and is a definite improvement. What do you think of Civilization‘s new art-style?

Civilization VI releases on October 21, 2016 for PC.

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