Star Wars: WTF did we just witness?

Jade Raymond returns, grins, and then says EA are making Star Wars things.

EA seem to be working with Respawn, Criterion, Visceral, Dice and more on an array of Star Wars games, and that’s all I could ascertain from a rather drive-by trailer. She did confirm that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Battlefront in the near future, and from the footage, it looks as if there could be a few more exciting projects to look forward to including a new Star Wars VR experience for Playstation VR.



2016-06-12 21_53_58-EA - Twitch
Developing Battlefield at gunpoint.
2016-06-12 21_55_26-EA - Twitch
Notified that this is Knights of the Old Republic Expansion. Can confirm – set in Star Wars.
2016-06-12 21_56_01-EA - Twitch
Third person action-adventure touted for 2018.

Now, this last screenshot looks the most promising out of the lot. It’s some early footage of a fresh new IP in development with Visceral Games, so we can only hope it plays as good as it looks.