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Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Play Games Drunk

There are plenty of reasons why it can be enjoyable to sit down with your friends and have a few nice cold beers whilst playing some multiplayer games. Whether you’re playing Mario Party or Fifa, sometimes there’s nothing finer than a nice alcoholic beverage whilst we enjoy our favourite art form. I am very partial to a combination of Call of Duty and Carlsberg myself.

But caution should be advised at all times. Drinking and gaming can go terribly – and hilariously – wrong. Here are ten reasons why you definitely, under no circumstances, should not play games drunk.

And if you do, well, don’t say we didn’t warn you…

10. Character creation

Top 10 Character Creation-min

Groggy eyes, face like a slapped arse and hair to match. No, I am not describing the state we all find ourselves in the next morning, but instead the character we have fashioned in the virtual world.

This may not be the most frustrating – and is perhaps the funniest remnant of your drinking endeavours to discover the next day – but still, your drunk creations should be stopped for crimes against humanity. What’s even more terrifying  than the on-screen abomination staring back at you is the likelihood that you weren’t trying to make a monster. With heavy beer goggles, you were most likely trying to recreate some family member who probably won’t speak to you now.

9. Naming your characters

Top 10 Character Name-min

Giving your character a funny name may not seem all that bad, but you’ll soon realise that halfway through a heartbreaking scene in one of the best written JRPGs that naming your character “Mr. Bation” (true story) somehow ruins the moment.

Even ol’ Bill Shakespeare himself couldn’t restore the drama to a play if all his characters were named as the spice girls. Cider will make you do this. Trust me.