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The E3 Wishlist: 11 Games We’d Like to See at E3 2016

E3 is less than a week away. The journey of the hype train is well underway, and GameSpew are up riding in first class, soaking in as much joyous E3 excitement as we possibly can.

Or something like that. The leaks and pre-announcements have already started, so we’ve got an idea of some things to expect, but the big companies always like to keep their biggest and best announcements and showcases under wraps. The GameSpew team have put our heads together to come up with a list of what we’d most like to see revealed at E3 2016, whether that be brand new games or more details on what’s already been announced.

Gameplay details on Battlefield 1

E3 2016 - Battlefield 1

Taylor Small: Ever since Battlefield 1 was announced, I’ve been flying on a high of old school Call of Duty and Medal of Honor World War shooter nostalgia. Not only are we getting a triple-A shooter set in the early twentieth century, we’re getting one that’s set in the early early twentieth century: commence heavy breathing (no, I don’t have Spanish Flu). The Great War has been a massively overlooked setting for video games: combat before full mechanisation was either quick and bloody or painfully boring, and programming the progression of trench foot is never a fun task.

So far we’ve had a few WW1 titles such as Verdun, but with the vast resources of EA Dice we can expect all the facets of WW1 to finally be represented, and indeed the announcement trailer has already hinted at the variety to be expected. After the scheduled live 64-player match being streamed on June 12th, we can only hope that EA Dice expand on what they’re going to reveal in this demo match at E3.

On my wish list is a thorough overview of all the different map environments, a look at all the vehicles and how they’re going to work (can I dive from a zeppelin onto horseback?), and a look at playable factions (will we get ANZACs and Ottomans?). However, the major issue I want to see addressed is how this game is going to feel. Will it feel like a fast paced Call of Duty arcade-esque shooter, which is something I would like but feel it could be inappropriate for the setting. Or will it be more like Red Orchestra, less “arcade-y”, but perhaps a too direct translation of the futility of WW1 combat for it to be fun? Although the announcement trailer suggests the former, I look forward to some E3 gameplay to confirm my suspicions and give us a proper idea of the direction Battlefield 1 is going in.

An Elder Scrolls VI announcement

Elder Scrolls Online 2

Ed Thorn: Bethesda’s Todd Howard walks onto stage as excited cheers reverberate around the packed convention centre. He turns to face the expectant crowd and flashes a brilliant smile. Suddenly, without warning, the lights shut off and the giant screen fades to black. The words “We know” emerge on screen as if scrawled by hand. Lights suddenly come on, Todd Howard yells, “Elder Scrolls VI bitches!”, whips out a red button, throws it on the floor, dropkicks it, and the new logo flashes on screen with the slogan “A world of magic ;n’ swords coming to you in 2021”.

We can dream.

Gameplay details on Horizon Zero Dawn

horizon zero dawn

Emily Sowden: Not only is Horizon Zero Dawn beautiful and striking in all senses, its creativity to bring a primal feel to what is essentially a post-apocalyptic/dystopian sort of game is just wonderful. Not a tremendous amount has been released so far, so fingers crossed they’ll give us more information during Sony’s conference because I’m getting twitchy.

Resident Evil 7 reveal


Robert Gammon: I am hoping for Resident Evil 7 to be officially announced. And, more importantly, for it to look good!

Resident Evil 5 and 6 were undeniably flops, but the recently re-released Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 receiving deserved praise may make Capcom change its direction. I’m hoping for a new direction from Capcom that harks back to the golden age of survival horror that they helped make great. No more over the camera or waves of bad guys. No more co-op. Just you, a handful of bullets and a sense of fear. All trapped in a complex maze of ridiculous traps and puzzles.

More information on Shenmue 3

E3 2016 Shenmue 3

Wesley Scott: Even though the announcement of its Kickstarter at a Sony press conference was dubious at best, and since that time said Kickstarter has gone on to be a bit of a publisher/developer/community circle jerk, I can’t wait to finally figure out just what the heck is up with that phoenix mirror!

Bonus hype if they announce a Shenmue 1/2 remaster pack-in.

Dishonored 2 showcase


Emily Sowden: After giving a teaser at last year’s showcase I’m hoping to god that Bethesda bring a little more detail to the table because this wait for Dishonored 2 is killing me. Not only am I a pretty big fan of Bethesda on the best of days, Dishonored holds a pretty special place in my heart (despite its awful, awful ending) due to its structure and the world in which it’s set.

I loved Dishonored’s alternate history/diesel-punk vibe and its constant and unconventional reuse of the plague to explain the various cities’ hardships and downfalls.

Some Final Fantasy VII gameplay

Final Fantasy VII Remake

David TreharneI couldn’t have imagined last year that a Final Fantasy VII remake would be announced. A friend of mine claimed he knew someone working for Square, and even went as far to say it was using Unreal Engine 4 and would be episodic! Naturally I assumed he’d lost the plot, but he turned out correct, and myself alongside millions of people around the world screamed in joy as we finally had our decade+ long dream answered. I’m all for the new style of episodic storytelling approach, and I think because of the scope of FFVII, it’s the wisest choice to make so we can all play it sooner, and have a better game for it.

This year at E3, I hope we get to see more gameplay in its entirety, uncut, and not just another montage of random gameplay segments. Raw, uncut gameplay of FFVII please Squenix! I will also spend any amount of money on whatever special editions you announce, and please make more FFXV Ultimate Collector Editions for us to buy!

Plenty of details on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

David Brooks: Considering Uncharted 4 is already upon us and that Dishonored 2 and Mafia III are just around the corner, this was a tough decision, but my most anticipated game for E3 2016 has to be Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The original Deus Ex is one of my all-time favourites (a Game That Changed Our Lives, in fact) and the sequel, 2011’s Human Revolution, was a top-quality entry in the series, doing more than enough to earn the Deus Ex branding.

If Mankind Divided can continue with the same quality of story-telling, graphical fidelity and depth of characters and consequences while still offering its own additions to the franchise’s backstory, then I’ll be one happy S.O.B. The super-sexy, seminal, cyber sleuthing offered by Deus Ex series has, for my money, remained the best available and the promise of more is positively (in-joke for Deus Ex fans here…) ambrosial.

An announcement of Red Red Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 1-min

Jack Bampfield: Hey now, yeah you Rockstar, please announce Red Dead 2. I mean come on, everyone has been waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 that even a remaster of RDR wouldn’t go amiss. It’s a period that has been explored in abundance in film – think of There Will Be Blood3:10 to YumaSlow West, or the hundreds of other westerns; for video games set in the wild west, I can only really think of Red Dead Redemption.

The wild west is something I’d love to see explored more in the AAA video game scene. Red Dead Redemption 2could give Rockstar a real foothold within this period; other developers would have to one up a Rockstar game to get a real shoe in. Oh, also Red Dead Redemption was a great game so we’d all love to see a sequel. It’s high noon somewhere in the world.

Details on The Last Guardian

sony e3 2015

Becca Smith: I’ve been excited to play The Last Guardian since the moment the trailer and little glimpse at gameplay was released at E3 2015. Sure, maybe it was because I had just recently finished Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and I was begging for something to make me see the good in this world again, but it still blew me away.

It’s true that with many well known Team ICO members gone, the rest are left to pick up the pieces, but I wouldn’t be so quick to look down on this underdog of a game. There’s something to be said about the fact that despite these losses, the team still want to release it for those that have been waiting and waiting for 7 years since Shadow of the Colossus. Maybe there’s something to say about the hard work that the rest of the team has put into it. I, for one, can’t wait to see how the whole things turns out because I love puzzles, story, and beautiful graphics and The Last Guardian is almost guaranteed to have it all. Hopefully, Team ICO will deliver at E3 2016 with a new trailer, gameplay or even *gasp* a release date!

Crash Bandicoot remaster

GTCOL Crash Bandicoot 1-min

Emily Sowden: I’ve got to put out some silent hope for a whisper on the horizon for Crash Bandicoot. After its subtle-not-subtle inclusion in Uncharted 4 I’m very interested to see if that’s got an extended purpose other than to bring in a little nostalgia.

…And a controversial opinion from our resident cynic Diggy:

My hope for E3 this year is that they announce the complete and total collapse of the triple-A console industry; in the hope that new, smaller companies with big ideas can emerge from the ashes of failed megacorporations – developing without the obligations and constraints of unsustainably expensive graphical technology or the need to homogenize their product to appeal to the broadest, most profitable demographic possible; working to shape the future of gaming towards universality – rather than internal rivalry and exclusivity – in a way that benefits the consumer; and hardware simply functions as a means of access to fun, artistically driven games; rather than media integrated branded products that are presented as evidence to convince us that a new console generation was completely necessary and justified, when all it contributed to interactive entertainment was to attempt to push the entirety of gaming history into obsolescence and further enable the peddling of shiny baubles masquerading as “bold, cinematic games” to a customer base of squawking magpies.

Also I hope they announce that Bloodborne will be coming to PC (not bitter).

What are you looking forward to seeing at E3 next week? comment below to let us know!

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