The E3 Wishlist: 11 Games We’d Like to See at E3 2016

Dishonored 2 showcase


Emily Sowden: After giving a teaser at last year’s showcase I’m hoping to god that Bethesda bring a little more detail to the table because this wait for Dishonored 2 is killing me. Not only am I a pretty big fan of Bethesda on the best of days, Dishonored holds a pretty special place in my heart (despite its awful, awful ending) due to its structure and the world in which it’s set.


I loved Dishonored’s alternate history/diesel-punk vibe and its constant and unconventional reuse of the plague to explain the various cities’ hardships and downfalls.

Some Final Fantasy VII gameplay

Final Fantasy VII Remake

David TreharneI couldn’t have imagined last year that a Final Fantasy VII remake would be announced. A friend of mine claimed he knew someone working for Square, and even went as far to say it was using Unreal Engine 4 and would be episodic! Naturally I assumed he’d lost the plot, but he turned out correct, and myself alongside millions of people around the world screamed in joy as we finally had our decade+ long dream answered. I’m all for the new style of episodic storytelling approach, and I think because of the scope of FFVII, it’s the wisest choice to make so we can all play it sooner, and have a better game for it.

This year at E3, I hope we get to see more gameplay in its entirety, uncut, and not just another montage of random gameplay segments. Raw, uncut gameplay of FFVII please Squenix! I will also spend any amount of money on whatever special editions you announce, and please make more FFXV Ultimate Collector Editions for us to buy!