Witness For Honor’s Great Raid

We got our first look at For Honor’s solo campaign.

Starting off with a CGI trailer we moved swiftly onto a brutal viking siege on an enormous samurai stronghold.

There were many intense one on one battles, and our hulking viking bludgeoned everyone in his path with his massive two-handed axe. Eventually we’d barged through enough enemies to reach the samurai leader. He posed a greater challenge but ultimately got an axe blow to the chest and a crushing knee to the nose. And in all honesty, it resembled my horrific London morning commutes to work.


The scale was staggering and the graphics looked solid, although the pace did seem a little slow. The complexity of the combat should make up for that though, and it’ll be interesting to see how, and if, the campaign changes when we play as someone other than an angry bearded viking.

It’s also releasing on Valentine’s Day next year, serving as a perfect present for your loved one – let them know you’d siege a fortress for them.