3Bioshock Infinite

“Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.” If you’ve heard this sentence before then you are a very lucky individual indeed. Bioshock Infinite is arguably one of the greatest games to have released in the last few years and this is no small part due to its inspired world. Set at the turn of the twentieth century during 1912, the events of the game take place within the fictional steampunk city-state of Columbia. The backdrop cleverly captures the essence of turn of the century American culture, incorporating the era’s style in addition to its idiosyncrasies. Race and class issues are thrust to the forefront of the game’s narrative and amplify’s its tone in order to create a believable dystopia, whilst also feeling disturbingly familiar. Infinite‘s setting is imaginative, creative and serves as a brilliant locale for the game’s dumbfounding story.

If you’ve yet to experience the game’s superb story and stellar setting then you’re in luck, it was recently announced that a Bioshock Collection would be making its way to store shelves this September.