10 Games Set in the Past that are Totally Worth Your Time

4. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 1-min

Cowboys and The Wild West, what more could you want from a video-game? Red Dead Redemption is a brilliant game; there’s no disputing that fact. From its satisfying gameplay, to its strong story and beautiful visuals, the game is stellar.

However, despite its brilliance, it’s its setting that really makes the game unique. Red Dead Redemption takes place primarily in the year 1911, during the twilight of the American Frontier. The backdrop of the Wild West is a brilliant setting for a game and one that allows for plenty of gameplay opportunities. As John Marston, a former outlaw, players can enjoy a variety of side activities that complement the landscape well and does a great job in helping to immerse the player within the open-world. Had a bad day? Head to the saloon and enjoy a drink. Short on some cash? Collect a bounty contract and track down the wanted individual. There is a great variety of things to do, and nearly all of them add to the sense that you’re in a specific period and place.

Red Dead Redemption was recently added to Microsoft’s Backward Compatibility Programme meaning that it can now be played on your Xbox One. Now you have absolutely no reason to miss out on playing this gem.

3. Gone Home

Gone Home 2-min

If you’re not familiar with Gone Home, allow me to introduce you to this truly special video game. Set in the year 1995, main protagonist Kaitlin Greenbriar has just arrived at her new family home after travelling overseas. Expecting to be greeted by her family, instead she is met by an empty house and her family is nowhere to be seen. The plot focuses on the exploration of the new family home, in order to understand where you’re family has gone. In order to avoid spoilers, this is as much as I will reveal regarding the game’s story and I implore you to experience this game’s narrative for yourself.

Set aside three hours, sit down, plug in some headphones and just play it. It’s a beautifully written story that deserves to be experienced whole-heartedly. A large part that helps sell the game’s exceptional narrative is its authentic setting. The game’s true 90’s atmosphere helps create a sense of melancholy and nostalgia, especially for those who, like myself, grew up in the 1990’s and remember seeing and experiencing a very familiar life. Television guides highlight quintessential programmes of the era, items you interactive with throughout your exploration of the mansion are suitably 90’s in style, and the frequent references to Street Fighter amalgamate to a brilliantly believable and lived-in setting.