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Dangerous Golf Has Had a Major Update… And it’s Good, Really Good

Dangerous Golf
Image: Three Fields Entertainment

Released last month on PC, Xbox One and PS4, Dangerous Golf was the anticipated arcade title from Three Fields Entertainment, a small indie studio made up of veterans from Criterion, creators of the original Burnout games.

Dangerous Golf aimed to capture the spirit of Burnout’s much-loved Crash Junction mode – but instead of crashing cars into a ridiculous pile-up, the aim here is to fire a golf ball around a highly destructible environment. On paper, it sounded awesome and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.

Unfortunately, after release it was met with mixed reviews and a pretty underwhelming reception. People complained of long load times, unreliable frame rates and general gameplay issues that held back Dangerous Golf from being the stellar experience that it should have been.

Thankfully, Three Fields have listened to the feedback of their players and have been working hard on a patch that fixes the major complaints that people have had with the game. The update, which is now live as of 12 July, polishes many elements of Dangerous Golf and puts it in tip-top shape. If you’ve yet to play the title, now’s the time – and if you played it prior to the patch, we urge you to revisit and give it another chance.

Amongst a wealth of upgrades to the game, the most notable are:

  • Fast restarts – now load times are 2-3 seconds instead of 30+ seconds
  • Controls have been simplified and in-game prompts have been added
  • Teeing off and putting now allows for 360-degree movement and aim
  • Brand new tutorial video added
  • New and improved camera action when teeing off and putting
  • New “smashwave” feature allows for more damage
  • Frame rate optimised to a smooth 30fps
  • Difficulty spikes have been evened out
  • Steam version now supports Steam Controller and cloud save

The new features really do stand out, and Dangerous Golf is definitely an excellent entry into the gaming marking from Three Fields Entertainment. We’ve waited until after the patch before we give our review, so check back in a few days for our full opinion on Dangerous Golf.

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