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GTA 5 Update – Cunning Stunts Now Available on Xbox One and PS4

Ah, Grand Theft Auto 5. It may be almost three years (!) since it was first released, but it’s still as relevant as it ever was – especially thanks to Rockstar’s continued support of DLC. Today, an update to GTA Online – the online multiplayer aspect to GTA 5 – has gone live, going by the name of Cunning Stunts.

Cunning Stunts adds a fun racing element to GTA Online, adding 13 new vehicles to purchase, a wealth of crazy races, and a creation tool to allow you to create your own tracks.

As the name suggests, Cunning Stunts is all about performing, well, cunning stunts. Grand Theft Auto isn’t so much about hard-hitting realism and Cunning Stunts is proof of that, allowing you to perform death-defying and over-the-top tricks on a range of brilliantly crazy tracks. Think Trackmania Turbo – but within the world of Grand Theft Auto. What more could you want?

Check out the trailer below to see what’s on offer in GTA 5‘s new Cunning Stunts update.


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