We Happy Few Now Available on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Preview

Just released on Steam today, We Happy Few has entered its Early Access stage and is available for a modest price of £22.99.

For those of you that didn’t catch our E3 coverage articles, We Happy Few is what would be the result of George Orwell designing a Bioshock game.

Set in 1960’s England (with an alternative history/universe timeline), the inhabitants within the game are an Orwellian’s wet dream; a come-true version of 1984, but in the 1960s. Based around the concept of taking your “Joy” pill everyday to maintain optimal happiness levels, you play a character who one day questions the ignorant bliss afforded by taking his pills daily, and decides to suddenly stop taking them.

What results is the authoritarian dogma that no one is allowed to reject intake of Joy, and you are soon pursued by the authorities who now see you as a threat. With everyone donning strange white masks with smiles on them (think of the Joker from Batman), the visual style is creepy and uninviting as it gets. Once you stop taking your Joy, you finally start to see the world for what it really is, as the environment takes on a literal physical transformation, due to the Joy’s delusional effects start to wear off on you.

For those that enjoy narrative based games, heavily influenced by social/political shades of design, you’ll love what We Happy Few has in store for you. Show your support by opting into the Early Access purchase!

We Happy Few is available on Steam and Xbox One via the Preview program for £21.99/$29.99, with a full release expected next year.