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Here’s the PS Plus Lineup for August 2016

It’s only a few days away from August, and of course we’re dying to know what games we’re going to be receiving on our Sony consoles as part of PS Plus. The suspense is no more: we have the full line-up right here.

This month there’s three PlayStation 4 games: the brand new Tricky Towers, Rebel Galaxy and Ultratron, which is cross-play with PS Vita. There’s also Patapon 3 on PS Vita and Yakuza 5 and Retro/Grade for PS3.

Tricky Towers, developed by WeirdBeard Studios is a multiplayer tower building game that plays with the rules of physics. The aim is to create a stable tower of blocks and try to topple your opponents. There’s local and online multiplayer, and plenty of single player challenges too.

Hey, we’re sold just by the studio name “WeirdBeard”.

Also on PS4 is Rebel Galaxy, a space exploration game that we reviewed last year, touting it as “heavy metal Queen meets Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica“. It scored a rather worthwhile 7/10.

As for Ultratron, it’s a highly-addictive old-school shooter. It’s a hard one to put down, and with crossplay between PS Vita and PS4, you don’t have to!

Yakuza 5 is perhaps the most high profile game on the list; an open-world action-adventure developed by Sony. Retro/Grade is something completely different: you pilot a spaceship in reverse… and can also control it with a Guitar Hero/Rockband guitar. Random, but we’ll give it a go.

The final PS Vita title is Patapon 3, a rhythm game developed for PSP.

What do you think of August’s PlayStation Plus line up? Let us know by commenting below!

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