Nintendo’s Classic Mini NES goes to the top of Amazon’s charts

Sony and Microsoft may have some stiff competition this coming Christmas. Nintendo’s Classic Mini NES is already top of the bestsellers list on

Nintendo are releasing a mini version of their classic NES machine on 11th of November this year. The smaller machine boasts 30 already built-in, classic 1980’s-era Nintendo games. Games such as Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Castlevania will all feature on the mini-NES. It won’t support additional games, however.

As Nintendo’s retro re-release stormed to the top of the PC and Video Games bestseller chart on Amazon UK, it overtook the long-awaited and anticipated No Man’s Sky from Hellogames.

Nintendo have also recently released a short, nostalgia-tinged commercial to celebrate the upcoming release of their mini-NES. It’s sure to bring back fond memories of past gaming joy, at the very least.