“Operation Skull Rain” Expansion Coming to Rainbow Six Siege Next Week

“Operation Skull Rain” may be, if you ask me, the coolest name for a covert operation ever. This is the latest update to come to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which will be available on PS4, PC and Xbox One from 2 August.

The new DLC will add two new Operators you can play as. Caveira, a defensive female Operator who has a “silent step” kill, making her a great stealth addition to the line-up. The second Operator is Capitão, an attacker equipped with a tactical crossbow. Both new Operators come with their own unique arsenals ready to launch attacks against the enemies.

There’s also a new map available as part of the update, but this will be free for all players. The new map allows you to battle it out in a Brazilian favela (that’s a slum to you or I) and is touted to be the “most destructible map to date” thanks to its support of exterior shell destruction.

The Operation Skull Rain update will also add plenty of smaller tweaks to improve the overall gameplay experience of Rainbow Six Siege. A custom game mode, called Tactical Realism, will be added, making gameplay more realistic (and therefore more difficult) by removing the ability to mark enemies.

Operation Skull Rain will be available on 2 August for all players of Rainbow Six Siege. Season pass holders will get exclusive access to the two new Operators for the first seven days.

For more information about the latest Rainbow Six Siege update, visit the official Ubiblog.