5 Minecraft Creations that will Blow your Mind

Minecraft is essentially a game about going on adventures and building things out of blocks. It’s loved by many, the original PC game surpassed 100 million registered users in 2014, and there are also console versions that have sold millions.

Since the launch of the game you could divide players into two categories: those who liked to go on adventures and build basic structures in the blocky world, and those who were determined to build works of genius. In this article, we are interested in the latter. Swedish developer Mojang’s Minecraft  has provided the sandbox and the tools, but it is these players’ imagination and determination that have taken them to the next level.

Now, there are some purists out there who say that a structure is only legitimate if it has been built in Survival Mode. This is where blocks must be mined and placed by “hand”. However, slightly more lenient players allow Creative Mode to be used where all resources are at your disposal. We’ll take both modes, but obviously huge shout outs to Survival Mode players!

Here are just five of the most impressive structures that we’ve come across, there are many more… Behold, five feats of structural ingenious:

King’s Landing (Game of Thrones)

When it comes to super fans, Game of Thrones has some of the best! The original book series, written by George RR Martin, haven’t even been completed yet, and we’ve already got an award winning television series. It’s made Martin a very rich man, making $15 million from TV royalties and $10 million from his book royalties – however, he still lives in his old house and drives his old car!

It’s not enough that we’ve got books and a series to delve into, there is a team of crazy Minecrafters out there called WesterosCraft who have built a Minecraft server that is committed to recreating the world that is featured in the book, A Song of Fire and Ice. The level of detail is extraordinary, it’s astonishing to think that they have been able to create this all out of blocks!


It should have seemed inevitable really that someone would marry up Bitcoin and Minecraft to build BitVegas, a realistic casino. Although now defunct, BitVegas was a six-story working casino where players could play poker, blackjack, roulette, slots and many more. Although some gambling used to take place at its cubist felt tables, perhaps BitVegas’ biggest feat was the building itself. The entire creation was fashioned after a classic Las Vegas-style casino, with bars and gardens to make it feel even more realistic.

Casino and card games seem to have inspired more Minecraft players to come up with mashups. Chris of Varsity Gaming created this short animated film where his character plays poker against two Minecraft zombies – at a proper felt table, with poker chips. After the flop, one of the zombie goes all in. The other zombie flops, but the hero goes all in. The zombie has four aces, but he’s got a flush – in fact, he’s got a straight flush, the highest ranking poker hand. The poor zombie-opponent thought he had a winning hand, but alas! Animations like this one are often what draws new players to Minecraft, as they exhibit in a very straightforward way that Minecraft can help create anything one can imagine.


Minas Tirith (The Lord of the Rings)

Like Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings franchise has created some mega super fans who like to get lost in the fantasy world the books create. The films were hugely successful at the box office, earning $2.92 billion for the trilogy. Return of the King was the most successful of all three, taking home $1.12 billion.

To carve out a little bit of the Lord of the Rings world in the Minecraft one, this reproduction of Mias Tirith was built. Created by just two people under the collective EpicQuestz, this was a project that took them almost two years to complete, but we hope that you agree it was totally worth it! There are seven layers to this build, including the White Tree of Gondor at the top. You can also download this map to build in your own Minecraft universe .

My Little Pony Pixel Art


 Minecraft isn’t all about recreating elaborate buildings. There are some people out there who are also creating amazing pixel art. Now, pixel art in the Minecraft world is big! One block is one pixel, and you’ll often find them dotted around on multiplayer servers, of which there are thousands.

One such artist who is winning at the pixel art game is Thegoon3, who posted a collection of 2D My Little Pony pieces. Each of these incredible images can contain thousands of blocks, from 10,000 to 50,000. He definitely did this in creative mode as it would take far too long to dye the wool he needed to create these fluffy and quite huge replicas of the colourful ponies, each of which is a sculpture in itself.


The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. It is one of the New 7 Wonders and attracts about 8 million visitors a year. Built as a shrine to his wife, it was commissioned by Shah Jahan in 1632, it took about 20 years to complete. It has been estimated that more than 22,000 people were involved in building it.

And now you can find it in pixel form in Minecraft! Created by RoBoPenguiN, this version didn’t take quite as long or as many people – but it’s still very impressive! They have also created a time-lapse video of it being built that is very addictive to watch. You can also download its map.


Here’s to the Minecraft builders and artists who have wowed us with their creations. Let’s hope that the trend continues and we have more pixel based moments of joy from the next server creation.